Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Crafty Kids: Space

Book: Aliens Love Underpants by Clare Freedman & Ben Cort (Really- who doesn't love stories about underpants???)

Rhyme: Galaxy Bend & Stretch

Bend and stretch, reach for the stars
There goes Jupiter, here comes Mars
Bend and stretch and reach for the sky
Stand on tip-e-toe, go so high!

Flannel Board: Astronaut, Astronaut (space version of Brown Bear, Brown Bear)
Stars, astronaut, rocket, planet, clouds, moon. Then we see children and the children see all of the objects again.

Song: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (with Star puppets)

Book: Star Climbing by Lou Fancher

Activity: Space Bingo
Picture bingo games are really easy to make for preschoolers. Your calling cards are the pictures and they cross out the picture on their card with an erasable marker. We laminated the cards so we could just wipe off the marker and use them over again. We've had space bingo for a few years and use it with the preschoolers and the school-aged children. Here's one of the bingo cards:

Craft: Space Painting – children used space themed cookies cutters of planets, stars and the moon to paint the night sky

Activity:  Moon Rock Hunt
After they were done with the craft, children could look for moon rocks hidden in the Children’s Room. Moon Rocks were made of Model Magic, poked with holes from the cap of a highlighter and then painted gray.

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